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Energy from the Sun, Instantly

How Our Solar Power System Works

The entire solar power system is automatic - just like your savings!

Solar panels on or near your home collect free, clean, safe energy from the sun and converts energy from sunlight into electricity instantly and easily - there are no mechanical parts to wear out.

The complete solar power system will:

  • Convert solar power to AC current, safe for your home and appliances
  • Send any excess power to your local utility for credit*. Your meter will actually run backward when your system generates more power than you use.
  • TheSolar Monitor (optional) displays real time electrical production and consumption rates! Turn out some lights and watch your household usage decrease.

Whether your electricity is coming from your solar system or from the power company, your home will run normally. The only difference you will notice is lower electricity bills.

Our System Is Built to Be the Best - And Built to Last

Our Solar Home Solutions feature the highest-efficiency solar panels in the world

To maximize harvest of solar energy and increase your value, all solar panels are

  • Individually tested
  • UL Certified
  • Built to withstand 125-mph winds and golf ball sized hailstones
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Guaranteed for up to 25 years

Home Energy Conservation

For every $1 you spend to conserve power, you can save up to $2.

To conserve energy, consider the following:

  • Heating with gas is much more efficient then electric
  • Replace all of your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Purchase only Energy Star rated appliances.

Today’s Solar Economics

Your System Pays for Itself the Day its Installed!

Consider your current energy costs.

For most homes today, this is a big number. Multiply that number by 360 to estimate your monthly energy spending over for the next 30 years.

Using this rough estimate, (even in the unlikely event that energy costs do not increase) you can see by using our Solar Systems, you gain up to 15% annual return on investment (ROI) – far better than the current stock market, bond market, money markets, and long-term CDs.